Professional Mold Inspection


Specializing in One or Two Family Homes

home outlineIf you are not feeling well, have physical reactions, have allergies, have immunity problems, etc., while in the house, it might be a good idea to test for mold.

If it looks or smells like mold, it probably is mold. Mold needs to be tested to make sure that it is not hurting you. Even if no visible evidence of mold is present, the house still needs to be tested for mold if you have medical reactions in the house. Mold can be temporarily hidden, so testing is important. Not all mold is bad for you. If the mold that is in the house is found to be bad for you, the mold needs to be eliminated. To minimize remediation costs, any house water or moisture infestation needs to be eliminated. Mold goes into hibernation when water or moisture is controlled. To control mold, a house inspection needs to be done before remediation or the mold will return. Mold goes into hibernation when water or moisture is controlled. To control mold, an inspection is done for water and moisture problems are present and recommendations are made on how to control the water and moisture intrusion. The house is then tested for mold. 

Water and moisture can cause structural and other damage to the house. The house homeowner’s policy will be consulted to see if any coverage is present for the water intrusion and for the mold damage. Where homeowners coverage is not fully present, the report can be used to justify IRS income tax casualty deductions.

We have the expertise (see copies of licenses held).

We are independent. No conflict of interest. We do not do remediations or recommend remediators.

Basic water and moisture inspections and two (2) mold air samples $420.

Contact us for a free consultation. If the mold inspection is part of a home inspection, and you need a fully-licensed home inspector, please contact me at Brenner Home Inspections.